Participation Waiver

I understand there are risks involved in any recreational activity, program or event and I acknowledge that my choice to participate or register myself or my child/children in such activity brings with it the assumption of those risks.  I hereby release Lake & Shore Community Recreation and its' employees, agents, and volunteers from any claim whatsoever arising from my participation or my child's/children's participation in any activity, program,or event conducted by the center as stated above.
By checking the box on the registration form you agree to the above waiver.

The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre is run as a municipally-owned, volunteer operated (MOVO) facility. The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is a non-profit organization created to allow for community-based management of the HRSB owned/HRM leased recreation center built as an annex to Porters Lake Elementary School .The Recreation Centre opened in September, 2011

Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre
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Porters Lake, NS

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