Hollie Quick

Hi; I'm Hollie Quick. After Enjoying many of the fitness programs Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre had to offer, I joined the board in 2013.
I grew up in West Jeddore, graduated from Eastern Shore District High School and earned a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in English from St. Francis Xavier University in Antiginish. I spent the decade after graduation working in various tourism marketing positions, including three years as Marketing Coordinator at White Point Beach Resort, where one of my favorite parts of the job was leisure programming for weekend guests. While we thoroughly enjoyed our time on the South Shore, my husband and I were thrilled to get back to friends and family on the Eastern Shore when we moved back and settled in Porters Lake in 2004.
Building a home and starting in the community of Porters Lake was definitely "coming home" as I spent so much time here while taking 12 years of ballet classes as a child. As a teen, I was often in the lake water itself, swimming, boating and exploring. Today, my husband and I are so happy to be able to offer the same kind of childhood to our two daughters thanks to our beautiful natural surroundings and top -notch facilities like Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre.
While my current occupation finds me promoting the Eastern Shore to prospective tourists , I am just as passionate about sharing it with other residents by finding ways to embrace this life we are all so fortunate to enjoy "on the shore!"  


The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Centre is run as a municipally-owned, volunteer operated (MOVO) facility. The Lake & Shore Community Recreation Society is a non-profit organization created to allow for community-based management of the HRSB owned/HRM leased recreation center built as an annex to Porters Lake Elementary School .The Recreation Centre opened in September, 2011

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